The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself


Turn yourself into a zombie from The Walking Dead



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The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself is a fun app that turns your face into that of a zombie. How? By adding lots of different details like rotting eyeballs, unhinged jaws, and various objects around your head.

To use The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself correctly, you just have to do two steps: first, take a picture and take care to align the shape of the skull with the face of the person you want to turn into a zombie, and second, edit the image.

The editing options offered in The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself are somewhat limited but very effective. You'll have more than a dozen different elements available, from zombie eyes to zombie mouths. In addition, you can add other elements such as hands, fences, or even an ax anywhere on the screen.

The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself is the perfect app for you if you want to create a custom (zombified) avatar. In less than two minutes, you'll have an undead version of your own face or that of any friend.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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